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Welcome to Texfelt, manufacturers of SpringBond
Eco-friendly Underlay, Upholstery and Mattress Fillings

The Eco-Engineered High Performance Underlay

With 85% of the underlay made from recycled PET plastic bottles and other single use plastics, SpringBond® is trying to combat the eight million tonnes of plastic that fill our oceans every year while improving household air pollution at the same time, offering a cleaner living environment for everyone. The average homeowner could see up to 900 recycled bottles used in underlay in their home.

SpringBond® Underlay gives plastic bottles and other single-use plastics a new lease of life and provides green alternatives to everyday items. SpringBond® is inherently flame resistant and contains no harmful VOCs, resulting in better air quality throughout the home.

The Eco-Engineered Non-Woven, Insulator, Wadding & PU Foam alternative for upholstery and matresses

Technically advanced non-wovens, manufactured from up to 80% regenerated fibres in a unique ‘s’ shaped structure that enhances performance, resilience and support in long term use. Designed to replace PU foam in wadding and cushioning for arms in sofas, chairs and headboards and a perfect solution for insulator pads in spring units. SpringBond® is offered in various thickness and widths as standard and can also be offered in custom sizes.

The game changing PU foam replacement

Ultraflex is a new, specifically developed high performance version
of SpringBond® – created through detailed research and development utilising a blend of cutting-edge fibres, at the forefront of the non wovens industry. It’s been widely referred to in the industry as a ‘revolutionary, game changing’ alternative to PU foam. Using next generation performance fibres, carefully engineered in a sweeping ‘s’ shape structure to provide unrivalled rebound, comfort & long lasting performance, typically out performing commensurate foams in hardness loss testing. SpringBond® Ultraflex is proven to out perform PU foam

If you have a question about Springbond® or would like to find out more about the product and where to buy it from, then please get in touch.

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We’re on a mission to create sustainable products that make a difference to our planet.

An introduction to Texfelt

Texfelt is a family run business, with a rich 160yr heritage in the textile industry. We are also a group company to the world-renowned JR Group UK and James Robinson Fibres Ltd.

We up-cycle fibres derived from single use plastics and textiles to create new innovative comfort products for the home, fit for future generations to enjoy which can then be fully recycled.