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Envirolay Underlay a heritage range of high-quality needle-felt carpet underlays

Needle-felt Carpet Underlay

Envirolay, which is made entirely from recycled textiles that are derived from wool and synthetic carpet factory offcuts and jute coffee sacks from coffee roasters.

Envirolay is extremely durable, low VOC, ultra-low CO2 emissions and designed for use in heavy contract and also residential applications. Envirolay conforms to the UK flame retardancy standards without the use of chemicals in its manufacturing process. It is the favourite choice for many of the worlds leading hotels and resorts.

Envirolay permits air circulation allowing the carpets to breathe so moisture won’t be trapped under the carpet and the build-up of mildew is eliminated.  Envirolay felt won’t crumble owing to high foot traffic or wear from chairs with castors and will remain stable for years.  For this reason Envirolay is highly recommended commercially and widely sold for use in pubs, clubs, restaurants and hotels.

Envirolay underlay is available in 5 thicknesses


Envirolay 28


Envirolay 33


Envirolay 42


Envirolay 48


Envirolay 54

Envirolay Underlay Key Features

100% Recycled fibres and recyclable after use

Excellent sound and heat insulation

Prevents creases and minimises pressure marks

Sustains the carpet appearance

Lasts the lifetime of the carpet

Guaranteed not to collapse

Comfort and support underfoot

Reduces carpet stretching

“Envirolay 42oz felt underlay – A durable and hardwearing underlay that supports our carpet .”
Mr S White.

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