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New Sofa Start Up aims to put an end to fast furniture

Keep. are at the forefront of sustainable sofas with their ground breaking architecture which is staple free, glueless and fully circular. Designed with covers that can be removed and replaced with new colours in time as consumers tastes and interiors evolve. Completely foam free , the seat cushions are feather filled with an #Ultraflex core.

“Sustainability is a fundamental part of our brand values and Ultraflex allows our sofas to be foam free, instead using a material that is kinder to the planet and the customer and is also made in the UK. As a material, it’s more durable than other industry standard foams, which allows our customers to love their sofas for longer and help put an end to fast furniture.” Rob Hudson Co-Founder Keep Sofa

We are delighted to be a supplier of Springbond Ultraflex to Keep Sofa who are completely aligned with our vision , sustainability ideals and constant drive towards a circular economy.

Please read article below to find out more about this visionary new company and how their innovative designs are helping to disrupt the fast furniture market.