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Buckingham Pal-astic: Buckingham Palace, Hogwarts and No. 10 could re-use millions of plastic bottles from the ocean


2,876,263 is the number of plastic bottles that could be recycled if Buckingham Palace, 10 Downing Street, Downton Abbey, Hogwarts and the Palace of Westminster re-considered their choice of carpet underlay, and British manufacturer Texfelt is urging homeowners to do the same.

Following the Queen’s vow to go green, if Buckingham Palace[i] installed SpringBond, a luxury carpet underlay made from recycled PET plastic bottles and other single-use plastics, the royals could see over 924,960 bottles placed safely under their carpets, combatting the eight million tonnes that fill our oceans every year.

Other notable buildings that would have a big impact on the war on plastic include 10 Downing Street[ii], which could house 4,240 bottles, and the Palace of Westminster[iii] could contain a staggering 1,351,119 upcycled bottles underneath its carpets.

For the witches and wizards among us, Hogwarts[iv] could also use a transfiguration spell and Evanesco 462,024 plastic bottles inside its school, whilst the aristocracy from the Downton Abbey Estate[v] could help recycle 133,920.

With an ever-growing demand to recycle plastic bottles, British manufacturer Texfelt’s environmentally friendly luxury carpet underlay has been launched in a bid to give plastic bottles and other single use-plastics a new lease of life.

While the average homeowner could see 900 recycled plastic bottles sitting pretty under their carpets, other high profile and prominent buildings can also do their bit for the environment. Due to the difference that could be made, Texfelt is urging homeowners across the country to think carefully about the products they use in their homes and consider SpringBond eco-engineered underlays.*

James Taylor, Managing Director at Texfelt, said: “With the world currently producing more than 300 million tonnes of plastic each year, and half of that being used just once, sometimes for a few seconds, before it’s thrown away, people are looking for green alternatives to everyday items.”

The world needs to reduce its consumption of plastic and, while this is happening, we need to find ways of upcycling the waste product that’s building up. SpringBond gives us the perfect opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to the green agenda and it’s surprising how a couple of prominent buildings could help to recycle millions of plastic bottles, highlighting that everyone can do their bit in more ways than they think!”

As well as being green, with a depth of 11mm, SpringBond offers superb under-foot comfort and the thickness of the underlay means it’s not just comfortable but insulating both in terms of heat and noise acoustics. It has industry-leading sound-proofing properties, minimising the transfer of noise between floors – ideal for those who value peace and quiet.

Unlike most carpet underlays, SpringBond also improves household air pollution, offering a cleaner living environment. By containing no polyurethane (PU) foam, there are no harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) being released in the home, which can cause a toxic build up in humans, causing health problems such as difficulty in breathing and the induction of many allergic reactions. The underlay is also fully recyclable at the end of its useable life.

SpringBond is designed and manufactured in Britain and offers maximum performance with minimal environmental impact. It is a partner of non-profit organisation Plastic Oceans, which addresses plastic pollution. For stockists please visit www.springbond.co.uk.

*Each role of 11mm SpringBond uses 180 recycled plastic bottles, equating to 12 bottles per m2 or 1.116 per ft2.

Square footage of all buildings –


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