Headlam’s SpringBond underlay sales represent over 1 million plastic bottles being recycled

Birmingham-based Headlam, Europe’s leading floorcoverings distributor, is delighted to announce that its’ sales of SpringBond, an environmentally-friendly carpet underlay manufactured from recycled plastic bottles and other single-use plastics, now represent over 1 million plastic bottles being recycled.

SpringBond is manufactured in Yorkshire by Texfelt, a world-leader in eco-engineered carpet underlays and a partner of non-profit organisation Plastic Oceans UK which addresses plastic pollution. SpringBond helps combat the millions of tonnes of plastic entering the world’s oceans each year through the upcycling of waste plastic utilising Texfelt’s state-of-the-art technology.

SpringBond is one of very few carpet underlays that is fully recyclable at the end of its useable life, with it able to be placed into the recycled ‘outlet’ at the customer’s place of disposal thereby helping to reduce the volume of waste sent to landfill. SpringBond also improves household air pollution due to the absence of harmful chemicals in the manufacturing process.

Texfelt and Headlam have worked together since SpringBond’s launch earlier this year to promote SpringBond to Headlam’s extensive customer base across the industry, highlighting the product’s market-leading green and other high-performance credentials, which has led to sales reaching the 1 million plastic bottles saved and recycled milestone.

Headlam is committed to working as part of the overall floorcoverings industry to reduce the industry’s environmental footprint. This includes mitigating its own direct impact through energy efficiency programmes and working in partnership with manufacturers to support the manufacture and marketing of innovative and sustainable products into the marketplace.

Headlam’s SpringBond underlay sales represent over 1 million plastic bottles being recycled

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